"Vina" - Digital Talking Parrot

"Vina" - Digital Talking Parrot 1.0

"Vina" - Digital Talking Parrot is a screensaver with a talking parrot
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"Vina" - Digital Talking Parrot is a free screensaver with a talking parrot. You can tell the program to use one of five different animated backgrounds: Lake, Nature, Nature (with some other scenery), Waterfall or Wind. The parrot will be positioned in the center of the screen, with the animated background behind. It will move all the time, and will speak at intervals. The program comes with a very limited vocabulary (the parrot says only 5 phrases), but you can record your voice through a microphone. When the program is activated, you can say something in the microphone. The parrot will mimic what you say, in its own voice. Those speeches will be saved in the "Remembered" section of the vocabulary. You can add or remove the speeches you want. You can also modify the voice of the parrot, by changing the pitch level, vibration period and level. You can activate Digital Talking Parrot by going to Start/Programs/Digital Talking Parrot/Parrot. Then, on the menu bar, you can click "View" to choose either "Zoom 100%" or "Full Screen". By pressing "Escape" the "Zoom 100%" will be restored.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Free
  • Provides some interaction, since you can record your own words


  • The full screen mode doesn´t work with some video cards
  • The length of the recordings is very small
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